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Invensys Water valve V18QC series solenoid valve

Part of an extensive line of pilot operated solenoid valves for use in clothes
washers, dishwashers, showers, air conditioning systems and other domestic or
commercial applications.
Fully flexible and designed and produced to meet the stringent requirements of
the market of today and the future.
Rated voltage: 220-240V 50-60Hz, 110-120V 50-60Hz
 12VAC & VDC; 24VAC & VDC
Power draw: 6 watt at 230V
Coil insulation: Class F (140!aC wire operating temperature)
Ambient temperature: 85!aC maximum according water temperature & duty cycle
Water temperature: 90!aC maximum according water temperature & duty cycl
Operating duty cycle: Tu 25!aC, Tm 90!aC & Tu 60!aC, Tm 25!aC, continuous (100%
(220-240V) Tu 25!aC, Tm 90!aC, 3 minutes ON, 5 minutes OF
Operating pressure range: 0.2 to 10 bar
Flow regulator (optional): 0.25 to 17 litre/minute
Fluid Drinking water
Insulation: Class II to water. No grounding required
Coil terminals: Two 6.35x0.8mm male tabs terminals, RAST5 or RAST2.5
Possible approvals: Upon request
Internal leakage Maximum 1 drop/minute on pressure range 0.2 to 10 bar

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