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An actuator is a type of motor for moving or controlling a mechanism or system. It is operated by a source of energy, typically electric current, hydraulic fluid pressure, or pneumatic pressure, and converts that energy into motion. An actuator is the mechanism by which a control system acts upon an environment. The control system can be simple (a fixed mechanical or electronic system), software-based (e.g. a printer driver, robot control system), or a human or other agent. A hydraulic actuator consist of a cylinder or fluid motor that uses hydraulic power to facilitate mechanical operation. The mechanical motion gives an output in terms of linear, rotary or oscillatory motion. Because liquid cannot be compressed, a hydraulic actuator can exert considerable force, but is limited in acceleration and speed. A pneumatic actuator converts energy formed by compressed air at high pressure into either linear or rotary motion. Pneumatic energy is desirable for main engine controls because it can quickly respond in starting and stopping as the power source does not need to be stored in reserve for operation. An electric actuator is powered by motor that converts electrical energy to mechanical torque. The electrical energy is used to actuate equipment such as multi-turn valves. It is one of the cleanest and most readily available forms of actuator because it does not involve oil. A mechanical actuator functions by converting rotary motion into linear motion to execute movement. It involves gears, rails, pulleys, chains and other devices to operate. The international brands of actuators we can offer are Bettis actuators, Belimo actuators, Auma actuators, Barber Colman actuators, Rotork actuators, keystone actuators, Firgelli actuators, Skf actuators, Eim actuators, Honeywell actuators, Parker actuators, Numatics actuators, Morin actuators, etc. in different types such as electric actuators, pneumatic actuators, hydraulic actuators, rotary actuators, linear actuators, magnetic linear actuator, solar actuator, Valve actuators, high speed actuators,low pressure actuators.heavy duty linear actuators, piston actuators.

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    Apollo actuator    American-Made Success Since 1928 Conbraco Industries was created when two Detroit-based manufacture..
    Apollo actuator
    Auma actuator    AUMA have been developing and building electric actuators and valve gearboxes for more than 45 years..
    Auma actuator
    Bettis Actuator    Bettis™ is a world leader in pneumatic and hydraulic quarter-turn and linear valve actuators. They ..
    Bettis Actuator
    Bimba actuator    Bimba Manufacturing Company is a 100% employee-owned company that is a forward-thinking innovator of..
    Bimba actuator
    Camozzi actuator    The Automation Division of Camozzi produces pneumatic components and solutions for many industries. ..
    Camozzi actuator
    EIM actuator    EIM has manufactured high quality electric and manual gear valve actuators for over 60 years. EIM i..
    EIM actuator
    Festo actuator    Festo is a leading global manufacturer of pneumatic and electromechanical systems, components, and c..
    Festo actuator
    Firgelli actuator    Firgelli's innovative line of micro linear actuators and Linear Servos will drive a new generation o..
    Firgelli actuator
    Fisher actuator    Emerson Process Management delivers time-tested and innovative solutions designed to help customers ..
    Fisher actuator
    Honeywell Actuator    Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies to address some of the..
    Honeywell Actuator
    Keystone actuator    Keystone is a recognized world leader in butterfly valves and industrial process valves. Originally ..
    Keystone actuator
    Kinetrol actuator    Kinetrol was established as a firm of control engineers in 1958. Initially the company's activities ..
    Kinetrol actuator
    Ledden actuator    Cameron is a leading provider of flow equipment products, systems and services to worldwide oil, gas..
    Ledden actuator
    Limitorque actuator    Limitorque valve control solutions have been making control easier at the field-device level for ove..
    Limitorque actuator
    Morin Actuator     Morin Actuator manufactures pneumatic and hydraulic quarter-turn actuators utilizing state of the ar..
    Morin Actuator
    Nook actuator    Nook Industries is a market leader in design, engineering, and manufacturing of precision linear mot..
    Nook actuator
    Norbro actuator    Norbro products are designed to provide high performance, combining reliability, long life and ease ..
    Norbro actuator
    Parker actuator    Founded in 1918, Parker Hannifin Corporation is a $13 billion, global company. With annual sales ..
    Parker actuator
    Piezo actuator    piezosystem jena is a worldwide supplier of high precision nanopositioning equipment. Our piezoelect..
    Piezo actuator
    Rexa actuator    Rely on REXA For Your Demanding Applications Severe services and harsh environments can be found..
    Rexa actuator
    Rotork actuator    Rotork is the world's leading manufacturer of Electric, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Valve Actuators and Co..
    Rotork actuator
    Thomson actuator    At Thomson, we offer a wide variety of actuators and actuator systems with stroke lengths and load f..
    Thomson actuator
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Atos electrohydraulic solenoid valve stainless steel valves
stainless steel valves Full line of electrohydraulic controls in stainless steel for corrosive environments: rugged inoxizable design, suitable for use with mineral oils, water glycol and special hydraulic fluids.   Also available in special execution for water hydraulics applications. Original stainless steel solenoids are explosion-proof type, with possible ATEX or UL ex-proof certification. A-B   DLOHX leak free valve with & without manual reset option C  Full range of stainless steel electrohydraulics in standard (25w), ex proof (8w) or low power (3,5w) execution CBA Stainless steel on-off valves  details on table E135, E137 (1)bar l/min 4 way, spool type solenoid valves06  (ISO 4401)D DHAX4 350 60 DLOHX6-AO  315 10 3 way, poppet type, 06  (ISO 4401)D DLOHX4-AO 350 12 leak free, solenoid valves 315 25 DLOKX4-AO 3 way, poppet type, no PDLOPX6-AO 315 220 leak free, solenoid valves no SP-CART-MX-3 350 2,5 relief valve, direct screw-in no D SP-CART-MX-6 350 40 (60 PED) no SP-CART-AREX-20 400 120 (150 PED) SC LIX-2531* 350 400 relief valve, DIN cartridge 25  (ISO 7368)P LIMMX-2/* (1)  D = direct

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