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Keystone Electric Actuators

Keystone Electric Actuators

Electric actuators are both quarter-turn and multi-turn and offer the ICON non-intrusive electronic calibration.

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Keystone  EPI 2 Electric Actuator
The Keystone EPI2 series is the most innovative all-in-one actuator solution for the automation of quarter-turn valves and dampers. With a huge number of standard features included in a small, compact design, this new series of electric actuators greatly simplifies valve, actuator and control system integration.Available with both weatherproof and explosion proof environmental ratings allows for a wide range of applications in most plant environments. The unique epicyclical gear train eliminates the need for mechanical/electrical brakes and hand wheel clutch mechanisms.The EPI2 direct mounts to most Tyco valves, eliminating the need for expensive mounting brackets. Basic unit technical detail Voltage ratings 100 to 240 Volts DC or AC single phase,  50/60 Hz.  Working temperature Standard range: -40°F to 140°F  [-40°C to 60°C] Optional ranges covering from:      -40°F to 158°F  [-40°C to 70°C] Environmental protection Standard weather tight enclosure NEMA 4/4X/6 according to  NEMA ICS6/NEMA 250 IP68 according to EN 60529 Standard unit is CSA (C-US) Optional explosion proof enclosure NEMA 4/4X/6 according to NEMA  ICS6

Keystone Electric Actuator F01 Series Quarter Turn
Mechanical features • Light weight and compact design, mounting flange acc. ISO 5211 • Constant torque for complete operating stroke • Torque control in both rotation directions • Double spur gear reduction and planetary gear system for a high reduction ratio with inherent self-locking characteristics. • All gearing with cut teeth, metal made, running in oil for high and constant efficiency and low power consumption • All rotating parts supported by roller bearings and a permanent oil lubrication • Manual operation always engaged but not rotating during automatic operations • Mechanical adjustment of the position by mechanical stops connected directly to the actuator housing • Anodized aluminium enclosures, protection by epoxy-polyurethane painting Features ICON 2000 • Easy set-up and commissioning • Initial tuning without unscrewing a single bolt or nut • Reduced set-up time • Double displays • Position indication in case of power failure • Local push buttons for full actuator access • Password protection to avoid unauthorized access • Diagnostics are displayed in one of the available languages for both alarms and warnings • Reduced number of par

Keystone Electric Actuators Double acting OLGA actuator for 90° operation for On-Off and Modulating heavy duty service
Features & Benefits: Totally enclosed, weatherproof housing in fabricated carbon steel for maximum strength Canted scotch yoke actuators are the proper solution to motorise the most common type of quarter-turn valves, due to their dedicated torque trend; they are suited to the larger valve sizes where high break away torques are required or for valves with high working pressure Symmetric scotch yoke actuators available for special applications External travel stops for precise angular stroke adjustment between 82° and 98° Hard chromium plated and polished guide bar and piston rod for corrosion resistance and minimal friction Bushings made of bronze or sintered bronze, charged with teflon, to provide minimal friction and extended service life Electroless nickel plated and polished cylinder for corrosion resistance and minimal friction Piston and piston rod seals made by a teflon ring precharged by an O-ring provide low hysteresis and high sensitivity, preventing sticking problems Jackscrew or hand pump manual override available An extensive range of accessories are available: - limit switch boxes – explosionproof, intrinsically safe and/or weatherproof

Keystone Electric Actuators ICON 2000
Electric actuators are both quarter-turn and multi-turn and offer the ICON non-intrusive electronic calibration. Features & Benefits: Easy set-up and operation - Set-up, commissioning, local operation and diagnostics/trouble shooting are via the local, non-intrusive interface. All of these operations can be done in hazardous environments or adverse weather conditions. It is not necessary to remove a single bolt or nut, which drastically reduces set-up time. Enhanced local interface - The ICON 2000 actuator has a double LCD display: the upper showing position or torque, the lower providing information on alarms, warnings and other actuator diagnostic data plus menu steps for actuator calibration. All information is displayed in one of several available languages (Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German), so there is no need to decipher complicated codes. The local pushbuttons provide full access to all of the functions. An infrared port is also provided and Bluetooth™ communication is available as an option. Access to the menu is password protected to help prevent unauthorized access or operation. Diagnostics - A data logger that provides advanced

Keystone Electric Actuators TVC Quarter-turn Electric Actuators
Quarter-turn electric actuators to operate ball- or butterfly valves in HVAC utility systems. Features & Benefits: Permanent capacitor, reversible synchronous motor driving a multi-stage precision gear train. Lifetime lubrication with high performance grease. O-ring sealing and external position indicator with knob. Simple, yet rugged manual operating facility by means of a clutch knob or lever. Molded resin housings, weatherproof to IP65 with SS cover fasteners. Four adjustable cams on the main shaft to ensure perfect positioning and open/close indication. Internal PCB for power distribution and control, with four switches, SPDT for end-of-travel and position indication. Terminal bank inside the housing for ease of field wiring, including two cable glands Pg11. AC single phase and DC motors are standard. Top shaft with flats showing correct valve position. Mounting pattern to ISO 5211/DIN 3337. Direct mounting onto Keystone butterfly valves with ISO top works via standard stock item spacer plates. Compatible to CE regulations. Operation possible in any mounting position. Electric connections via cable glands in the basic housing (DIN connec

Keystone Figure 777 Electric Actuator Models EPI-3 to EPI-151
Electric actuator for quarter-turn valves. For output torques to 15,100 For remote control of any quarter-turn application, for example: ball, butterfly, or rotary plug valves, dampers, etc. Technical data Temperature    -40°F to 140°F [-40°C to 60°C] Output torque    up to 15,100 [1706 Nm] Voltage    120 VAC, 1 phase 60/50 hertz 220 VAC, 1 phase 60/50 hertz (EPI-3 to EPI-151) 208 VAC, 3 phase 60/50 hertz 220 VAC, 3 phase 60/50 hertz 440 VAC, 3 phase 60/50 hertz 575 VAC, 3 phase 60 hertz (EPI-6 to EPI-151) 12 VDC 24 VDC (EPI-3 to EPI-36) Features Permanently lubricated self-locking gear train eliminates the need for motor brakes. Manual override, if equipped, does not require use of levers or latches. Mechanical travel stops, if equipped, provide positive stop during manual operation. Available in Type 4, 4X or Type 7 enclosures with Factory Mutual/CSA approvals. UL recognized motor with thermal overload devices in motor windings protects the motor should overheating occur. Dynamometer calibrated torque switches, if equipped in units with 600 or more torque output, provide motor overto

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