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Rexa actuator

Rexa actuator
Rely on REXA For Your Demanding Applications Severe services and harsh environments can be found in every industry including; power generation, oil & gas transmission, water treatment or mining & metals. So what's the one thing all these industries have in common? They rely on REXA Electraulic™ actuation to solve their problems. If you need the stability and precision that allows today's power plants to operate at peak performance… REXA has the solution. Our self-contained electro-hydraulic actuators and drives improve control and extend the life of severe service trims from feedwater control and recirculation and throughout the steam system. REXA offers configurations for valves and dampers as well as turbine control applications. So if you're looking for low power consumption, lots of force in a small package, tight control or just a rugged but environmentally friendly design… REXA has a solution for you.

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