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Piezo Magnetic actuators

Piezo Magnetic actuators

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has a long heritage in magnetic actuators. It has been designing, optimizing and manufacturing electro-magnetic actuators for more than 15 years.

The MICA and BLMM actuators are standard products coming from a series of magnetic building blocks. They are compact and dynamic actuators well suited for demanding applications.

  • Bistable Linear Moving Magnet BLMM
  • Moving Iron Contollable Actuator MICA

Applications, customized magnetic actuators or new solutions are presented in the section Magnetic Actuators Technologies.

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Piezo Magnetic actuators CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES BLMM
BLMM stands for Bistable Linear Moving Magnet . They are based on a permanent magnet moving between two opposite electromagnets. BLMM are miniature actuators, especially relevant where small size actuator is needed. The main BLMM characteristic is its holding force without dissipation. This is particulary relevant for applications such as latches devices, locking devices, miniature electro valves, contactors, ecc. BLMM actuators can be classified into 2 categories: locking actuators and lifting actuators. For a locking actuator, the specific design allows to magnify the holding force. These BLMM are used in locking devices, contactor, positioning systems. When designing a lifting actuator, the force during the motion and the holding forces are almost balanced. These BLMM are used in electro valves, vibration systems or miniature pumps for example. The BLMM's advantages: Small size Low power consumption Fast Easy control

Piezo Magnetic actuators Moving Iron Controllable Actuators (MICA)
Moving Iron Controllable Actuators (MICA) are patented magnetic actuators from CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES. They provide with a controllable force on several millimetres of stroke. The optimised design offers a very high energy density, several times better than moving coil actuators. With strokes that reach 10mm for the MICA L family and 5mm for the MICA M family, these actuators perfectly complete our well known APA® actuators. MICA are controllable, high force, higly dynamic actuators. The MICA M actuators have a stroke of 5 mm and nominal forces range from 110N upt to 440N. The MICA L actuators have a stroke of 10 mm and nominal forces range from 530 up to 1600N

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