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Rotex solenoid valve solenoid Valve for Automotive

Rotex solenoid valve solenoid Valve for Automotive

Special design solenoid valve for automotive environment

Higher Vibration withstanding ability up to 25.10 GSM

Mechanical shocks up to 56 g

Temperature Range: -40C to 125C

Operating Voltage: 12V or 24V DC, also 9 - 38 V PWM

Cleanliness Level: up to Class A as per ISO 16232 and 0.0001mg/mm2

Pressure Withstanding up to 20 bar (special valve design to withstand pressure up to 225 bar)

Media: Fuel or air

Application supplied for : Fuel Shut off valve, Differential Locking valve, Solenoid valve for Air breaking, Solenoid valve for HVAC, Solenoid valve for Air and Fuel purging in after treatment in EURO 5, Solenoid valve for Auto water draining from the Fuel filter module EURO 5 many more

Customers: SANDEN, Ashok Laylend, Cummins Inc (Supplying to World Wide Plants like USA, France, Turkey) & others

A Dedicated plant and team of people catering to this segment. Plant is fully furnished with Automotive lines having lot of POKA YOKEs and Automatic controls in place

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