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Atos solenoid valve

Atos solenoid valve

Atos is a leading manufacturer of solenoid valves many millions of valves operate today worldwide

Atos valves features: shell-moulding castings machined by transfer lines and then cleaned by thermal deburring - large internal cores for low
pressure drops - interchangeable precision spools - wet solenoids with manual override - individual testing of each valve

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Atos electrohydraulic solenoid valve directional valves
directional valves hand lever, cam, pneumatic/hydraulic operated symbols model description size 16size 10size 06 size 25 DP-213DK-113DH-013 DP-313 2 positions DH hand lever DP-215DK-115DH-015 DP-315 2 position+ detent hand lever DP-311DP-211DK-111DH-011 3 positions DP-315DP-214DK-114DH-014 3 position+ detent DH cam --DK-12DH-02 cam 2 positions DH-04 DP-34 DP-24DK-14 2 positions DK-051 DP-351 DP-251DK-151 3 positions hydraulic DH pneumatic/hydraulic DK-055 DK-155 -- 2 position+ detent DH-08 DK-18 DP-28 DP-38 2 positions DH-091 DK-191 DP-291 DP-391 3 positions pneumatic DH-095 DK-195 DP-295 DP-395 2 position+ detent

Atos electrohydraulic solenoid valve explosion proof valves
A full range of ISO electrohydraulics for potential explosive environments with presence of flammable gas or dust. Atos ex-proof valves conform to international safety directives and are largely applied in thousands of systems worldwide, offering high reliability and withstanding extreme temperatures, corrosive fluids and aggressive conditions. ex-proof solenoids valves have original ex-proof solenoids, integral and consistent to valves, designed to contain the explosion inside the enclosure, and to limit their external temperature, according to the certified class, in order to avoid self ignition of the explosive mixture in the environment. ex-proof on-off valves  details on table E120, E125, F600 (1) bar l/min 6 D DHA 70 directional, 4 way spool type 10, 16, 25, 32 P DPHA-1, 2, 3, 6 160 !A 100 350   6 D DLOH-AO 12     directional, 2- & 3-way poppet type, leak free 6 D DLOK-AO 30 250 2-way cartridges with ex-proof, pilot valve16!A63PLIDEWAO 160 !A 360 350 10!A3 P AGAM-AO 200 !A 60       pressure valves with ex-proof venting valve 20, 32 P ARAM-AO 350, 500 (1)  D = direct operated;  P = pilot operated

Atos electrohydraulic solenoid valve intrinsically safe valves
!掳Intrinsically safe!卤 specification is based on the principle of limiting the energ of electric circuits in environments with hazardous atmospheres. To limit the max input current, the solenoid must be powered through specific safety barriers Y-BX-NE. In fact the intrinsically safe circuit must be unable to produce electrical surges or thermic effects which could cause explosion also in a break-down situation. details on table E130 Intrinsically safe valves and barriers are DHWDLOH-OW model certified according to ATEX 94/9/CE, size 06 06 Group I mining plants or Group II surface plants with gas or vapours environment, nominal flow - l/min25 12 category 1, zone 0, 1 and 2. Pmax - bar 210210

Atos electrohydraulic solenoid valve leak free valves
details on table E041 leak free valves Size 06 valves in 2- or 3- way execution used to cut off the line of hydraulic 0321 nominal flow power to an actuator or to grant the 513053 P, A, B port Pmax - bar fixed position of vertical actuator!藟s in 012061 T port 3 less than 5 drops/min (<0,36 cm /min) at max pressure internal leakages case of maintenance, emergency, 2333 electrical power DC - W safety situations

Atos electrohydraulic solenoid valve modular safety valves
modular safety valves to be modular staked with size 06 solenoid valves details on table TD030 HFHF*/FI model 06 size max flow - l/min 60 350 P, A, B port     Pmax - bar   T port 120 (I)   210(U) 20

Atos electrohydraulic solenoid valve modular valves
modular valves full line of ISO 4401 valves, to be staked with ISO solenoid valvessizes 06, 10, 16, 25

Atos electrohydraulic solenoid valve safety solenoid valves
To ensure safety and avoid uncontrolled movement of actuators Atos range is DH-0611/FI T篓1V certified to Machine Directive 2006/42/CE and includes specific optional devices for monitoring spool position and the relevant hydraulic status, the output signal means !掳intercepted line!卤 or !掳not intercepted line DKE-0751/FC DH-0611/FI Two basic executions: /FI inductive proximity - /FC mechanical microswitch DKE-1751/FC DH*-0 DPH*-2DPH*-3 model ISO 4401 6101625 size solenoid type I - U -OE - ERI - UI - U 55250250   FI max pressure at T port FC 2020250250 details on table E110

Atos electrohydraulic solenoid valve stainless steel valves
stainless steel valves Full line of electrohydraulic controls in stainless steel for corrosive environments: rugged inoxizable design, suitable for use with mineral oils, water glycol and special hydraulic fluids.   Also available in special execution for water hydraulics applications. Original stainless steel solenoids are explosion-proof type, with possible ATEX or UL ex-proof certification. A-B   DLOHX leak free valve with & without manual reset option C  Full range of stainless steel electrohydraulics in standard (25w), ex proof (8w) or low power (3,5w) execution CBA Stainless steel on-off valves  details on table E135, E137 (1)bar l/min 4 way, spool type solenoid valves06  (ISO 4401)D DHAX4 350 60 DLOHX6-AO  315 10 3 way, poppet type, 06  (ISO 4401)D DLOHX4-AO 350 12 leak free, solenoid valves 315 25 DLOKX4-AO 3 way, poppet type, no PDLOPX6-AO 315 220 leak free, solenoid valves no SP-CART-MX-3 350 2,5 relief valve, direct screw-in no D SP-CART-MX-6 350 40 (60 PED) no SP-CART-AREX-20 400 120 (150 PED) SC LIX-2531* 350 400 relief valve, DIN cartridge 25  (ISO 7368)P LIMMX-2/* (1)  D = direct

Atos electrohydraulic solenoid valve water electrohydraulics
water electrohydraulics is designed for applications requiring uninflammability or intrinsic fluid eco-compatibility/non toxicity; internal parts in contact with fluid are made in stainless steel. The term !掳water!卤 refers to specific HFA Water based fluids or jus pure water instead of common mineral or synthetic oils. The HFA emulsion is generally composed by a minimum of  95% of water Water solenoid valves on-off Stainless steel cylinder and only 5% (or less) of oil & proportional    Water hydraulics is actually used in die-castings, steel plants and mining sectors. The water based fluids are also appreciated in several applications where the final products must not be tainted by accidental contact with fluid, for example in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry 11 options & features   Atos components are customer-tailored to fulfil requirements of any application by a variety of special purpose options of different materials/seals & auxiliary devices(1) seals type hydraulic fluids mineral oil HLP, HL-DIN 51524,  vegetal oil HETG - VMDA 24568 NBR-buna water glycol HFA, HFC - DIN 51502 /WG Components included in this

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