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Ingersoll Rand Pneumatic Valves 50 / E / K / H Series

Ingersoll Rand Pneumatic Valves 50 / E / K / H Series

50 Series  |  E Series  |  H Series  |  K Series
1/8"-1" NPT body ported 3 & 4-way manual, mechanical, solenoid and pilot actuator styles. Flows of 16-280 SCFM

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 Ingersoll Rand Pneumatic Valves 50 / E / K / H Series 50 Series
Features Numerous Styles and Options. 3-Way or 4-Way Configurations. Six Actuator Styles: Hand Lever, Palm Button, Roller Cam, Cam Stem, Pilot, Manual Bleed. Compact Size provides greater design flexibility. Perfect for low to moderate flow applications requiring manual or mechanical valve operation. Comprehensive Valve Design Aluminum Body 50 Series Valves feature an extruded aluminum body for less porosity, greater durability and lighter weight. Body Threaded Ports Port threads are 1/8" NPTF Sturdy Valve Spools Spools are steel on mechanical and manually actuated valves. Pilot and bleed actuator valves feature aluminum spools. Buna N Seals Standard spool seals are Buna N. Viton Seals available. Contact Factory for ordering information. Flow 16 SCFM MODELS: 5030-01 5030-01 5030-10 5030-20 5030-02 5030-12 5030-22 5030-32 5030-21 5031-12 5031-32 5031-21 5031-41 5031-02 5031-12 5031-22 5031-32 5030-05 5030-06 5030-24 5030-07 5030-35 5030-33 5040-01 5040-10 5040-20 5040-02 5040-12 5040-22 5040-32 5040-21 5040-41 5040-05 504

 Ingersoll Rand Pneumatic Valves 50 / E / K / H Series E Series
1/4" NPT ports with flow of 26 SCFM. Features 3-Way & 4-Way Valves Several Styles and Options 3-Way or 4-Way Configurations. 2-and 3-position configurations. Numerous Actuator Styles Manual Hand Lever, Palm Button, Pedal, Treadle Mechanical Cam Stem, Roller Cam Electric Single Solenoid, Double Solenoid Pneumatic Pilot, Bleed Many Performance Features Buna-N spool seals are standard. Viton Seals are available for high temperature applications. Consult the factory for ordering information. The E Series Valve has a low profile. An extruded aluminum body provides excellent durability and lighter weight. An External Solenoid Supply Port allows service in low pressure applications. This requires a #116153 plug Kit. Solenoid Override Manual locking override is standard on solenoid models. Turn override to operate. Solenoid override is a convenient means to set-up and trouble shoot circuits. Air pressure at the solenoid exhaust will also override the solenoid. Coils Coils are UL and CSA Listed (Files: UL #MH13513; CSA #LR51090). MODELS: E152LM,E252LM E252LP,E252LS E252FS,E152HM

 Ingersoll Rand Pneumatic Valves 50 / E / K / H Series H Series
Flows of 50-100 SCFM. Features H-Series Valves feature high-flow and fast response. Numerous Styles and Options. 3-Way and 4-Way 2-position Poppet Valves. Several Actuator Styles. Override is not available with "H" Series Valves. Electric 3-Way Single Solenoid, 4-Way Solenoid/ Internal Pilot, 4-Way Double Solenoid Pneumatic 3-Way Pilot/Spring, 4-Way Double Pilot, 4-Way Manual Bleed, 4-Way Pilot/Internal Pilot Comprehensive Valve Design 1. Durable Valve Body Valve body is die-cast Zinc, with a zinc chromate coating for added corrosion resistance in harsh environments. 2. Superior Performance Large, unrestricted air passages produce high flow and fast response times. 3. Superior Design 3-Way valves feature a single poppet. 4-Way valves have two simultaneously driven poppets to provide the 4-way function. MODELS: H25XPS,28XPS H25XSS-XXX-X H28XSS-XXX-X H21XPA,24XPA H21XBD,24XBD H21XPD,24XPD H21XSA-XXX-X H24XSA-XXX-X H21XSD-XXX-X H24XSD-XXX-X H21XKD-XXX-X H24XKD-XXX-X  

Ingersoll Rand Pneumatic Valves 50 / E / K / H Series K Series
Flows of 83 to 280 SCFM. Features Styles and Options 5-Port, 4-Way, 2 and 3-position directional control valves. Seven Actuator Styles Manual, Hand Lever, Pedal, Treadle, Palm Button, electric, (Single Solenoid & Double Solenoid), Pneumatic, (Pilot & Bleed) Comprehensive Valve Design 1. Aluminum body Sand Cast aluminum body provides a rugged, reliable valve. 2. Buna N Seals Standard seals are Buna N, for extended valve life. Viton seals are available for high temperature applications. Consult factory for ordering information. 3. Sturdy Spools K-Series valves have an aluminum spool. This slides in a hard anodized PTFE non-stick aluminum sleeve. (3/8" or 1/2" models).The sleeves are brass on 3/4" and 1" models. 4. Standard Solenoid Override Feature 3/4" and 1/2" models only. 5. External Solenoid External Solenoid supply port enables valve operation for vacuum service or low pressure operations. For proper supply connection, consult factory. (Remove end cap and rotate gasket 90-degress for remote solenoid supply). MODELS: K213LM, K214LM, K233LM, K234LM, K243LM, K244LM, K213LS, K214LS, K233LS, K234

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