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Kaneko solenoid valve 4 way double

Kaneko solenoid valve 4 way double

Typically, a four-way solenoid valve is used to operate the duble-acting cylinder.

Mainly, there are five pipe connecting port, four-way solenoid valve, has become a place 2 1 inlet, 2 outlet, outlet. Because it is always closed, the exhaust port is one of the four direction any functionality.

A double latch solenoid has two coils inside, it is possible to perform switching of the valve by energizing the coil in one of them. Is not that the valve is switched to form self-holding, even if the power outage after energizing time.

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Kaneko solenoid valve 4 way  M15DG SERIES
M15DG SERIES Feature Coated with hard anodized aluminum, inner sliding parts can slide very easily and work with no oil lubrication during operation, without sticking and slipping, and are excellent in wear resistance. Compact and light since main parts are made of aluminum alloy. AC and DC coils are easy to replace because both are contained in the same casing. Subjected to anti-corrosion treatment with hard anodized aluminum very high in corrosion resistance. Explosion-proof type valves certified by the Ministry of Labor. The main valve is of a balance piston type whose switching action is done by a control piston without need for a spring. Therefore, no such malfunction as is caused by spring action will not occur even after standing for a long time. Provided with a manual button for operation check or testing. Reliable operation at a minimum operating pressure of 0.1 MPa because no air loss is produced. Also available as three-way valves if three out of the five ports are selected. Standard specification FLUID CLEAN AIR FLUID TEMPERATURE -20 ~ 60℃ AMBIENT TEMPERATURE -20 ~ 60℃ DUTY CYCLE 100% CONTINUOUSLY RATED OP

Kaneko solenoid valve 4 way  M65DG SERIES
M65DG SERIES Feature Wide range of applications. Can be used for a wider range of applications because valve sizes from 3/8″ to 1-1/4″ are available. Manual check is possible. Manual operation is possible. This mode can be used for operation check or switching in case of emergency. Standard specification FLUID CLEAN AIR FLUID TEMPERATURE -20℃ ~ 60℃ AMBIENT TEMPERATURE -20℃ ~ 60℃ DUTY CYCLE 100% CONTINUOUSLY RATED OPERATING VOLTAGE RANGE +10%,-15% WORKING PRESSURE 0.1 ~ 0.9MPa Cv. FLOW FACTOR See below ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS See below Cv. FLOW FACTOR NOMINAL DIAMETER 10 15 20 25 32 Cv. FLOW FACTOR 2.0 2.5 5.0 12.0 12.0 ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS AC DC V/Hz A V A GENERAL PURPOSE TYPE 12PRS,EXPLOSION-PROOF TYPE E12PRS COIL INSULATION CLASS : B 100/50 0.052 24 0.260 100/60 0.052 48 0.120 110/60 0.058 100 0.062 200/50 0.040 110 0.067 200/60 0.040 125 0

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