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Foxboro Orifice Assemblies

Foxboro Orifice Assemblies
Foxboro provides an orifice assembly to meet your process requirements by offering both compact  and integral flow orifice assemblies.

The compact orifice is a wafer body orifice plate that includes an integral three-valve manifold. This one-piece unit mounts directly to a differential pressure transmitter. An alignment ring and optional installation kit provide the hardware necessary to properly install the orifice in various pipeline sizes having ANSIĀ® or DIN flanges.

The Integral Flow Orifice Assemblies (IFOA) adapt electronic and/or pneumatic d/p cell transmitters for measuring small flow rates.

Key Benefits

  • Compact Orifice: suitable for use in liquid, gas or steam services

  • Compact Orifice: rugged, integral construction

  • Compact Orifice and calibrated transmitter are factory assembled

  • IFOA: very high accuracy when equipped with associated piping

  • IFOA: use with any differential pressure transmitter having standard process connections

  • IFOA: process-wetted materials are available for use with both corrosive and noncorrosive fluids

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