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MAC 3 way solenoid valves large 68 Series

The MAC 68 Series is a 3-way balanced spool valve pilot operated by a small direct operated 4-way solenoid valve - a one-off in valve manufacturing.  The 4-way pilot means a low minimum operating pressure - no pistons or springs - and minimal resistance to shifting.  The balanced design in the pilot means shifting forces are consistently high and response times are repeatable regardless of inlet pressure fluctuations.

1. The 4-waypilot developsmaximum shiftingforces bothways.
2. Balancedspool, immune to variations of pressure, alsoprovides
3. Bondedspool withminimum friction, shiftingin a glass like
4. Pilot withbalancedpopet, highflow, short and consistent

Fluid: Compressedair, vacuum, inertgases
Pressure range: Internalpilot: 20 to 120 PSI
Externalpilot:Vacuum to 120 PSI
Pilot pressure: 20 to 120 PSI
Lubrication: Not required, if usedselect a medium aniline point lubricant(between180!aF and 210!a
Filtration: 40?
Temperaturerange: 0!aF to 120!a
Flow:  Cv31.0
Power: 5.4 to 1.8 W
Voltage range:-15% to +10% of nominal voltage

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