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Alco Multi-Port Gauge Valves Panel Mounted Ball Valves upto 6,000psi (414bar)

The Panel Mount range or the ‘PSB’ series is a variation of the standard ‘B’ series and as such retains it’s flexibility of end connections with the added advantage of the panel mounting facility onto a flat face. Using this flat face, the valve is easy to mount to a control panel, cabinet / enclosure or actuator.

The major benefits of using four panel mount holes instead of one single nut type are that this design eliminates the possibility of the valve turning underneath a panel. This would cause undue stressing of a thread joint. Also four small holes can be beneficial for positioning, if access to the panel is reduced only two holes (diagonally opposite) can be used.

Options avaiable include electric or peumatic actuators, security locking device, extended handle etc.

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