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Bettis BHH Helical Hydraulic Quarter-Turn Actuator

Key Features

  • Smallest footprint to torque ratio
  • Compact and concentric design
  • Balanced helical design eliminates side loading on valve assembly 
    and stem.
  • High water ingress protection – IP68
  • Integrated “crossover” valves (Double-acting)
  • Vibration resistant design.
  • Easy adaption to standard valve bonnet design
  • Unlimited mounting positions with built-in position adjustment
  • Design ready to accept a wide selection of control modules
  • Five Year Warranty – The BHH actuators are backed by the industry's strongest materials and workmanship warrant
  • Working pressure 100 – 207 Bar /  1500-3000psi
  • Torque output : 30Nm/250lb-in to 16000Nm/141000 lb-in 
    at 207Bar / 2000psi
  • Test pressure: 1.5x working pressure  to a maximum of 250 Bar / 3600 psi
  • Temperature range:
    • -20c to +80c / -5F to +180F Standard
    • 0c to +120 / 32F to +250F (option)
    • -50c to +60c /  -58F to +140F (Consult factory)
  • Viscosity of hydraulic oil : 15 to 200 cSt
  • BHHF single acting : 100Bar/1500psi and 135Bar/2000psi spring set available

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